Online Advertising & Marketing

Intechnia work with a small selection of trusted partners to bring you these Advertising and Marketing services. We have lasting relationships proven over the years and bring you these specialist services to complement the work we do.


If you're a new start-up or in need of revitalization, then we can discuss your aims and objectives with you and provide you with fitting, quality and consistently designed and delivered stationery and packaging that both looks and feels great, and will ideally suit your online presence.


To accelerate your success, quality targeted advertising is a must.

From advert design, for printed publications, online banners and email-shots, to full campaigns, let Intechnia take you to the next level.


With specialist marketing advice available, we can steer your visible profile in line with your goals and objectives, whilst injecting market data to hone your path forward.

Accelerate success with advertising and marketing from Intechnia!