Product Selection Systems

Product Selection Systems

A Product Selection System is a software program that allows a person to enter requirements such that the system automatically selects the optimum solution from a database of products or services. The system can perform any calculations instantly saving your customers and/or colleagues valuable time. Product Selection Systems often incorporate complete or partial Electronic Catalogues to allow browsing and the print-out of technical data.

Success with Product Selection Systems

The key to a successful product selection system, whether it being for technical engineering products or more subjective personal holidays, is understanding what prospective customers ask for. It is the best fulfillment of this need by your products or services that will guarantee new and repeat business.

Intechnia hold the key to delivering systems which bridge the gap between your product and service specifications and your potential customer requirements. By closing this gap with a specialist software solution by Intechnia you can gain extensive competitive advantage.

Product Selection Systems in Use

These systems can be used both in-house or sent out to customers. When used in-house these advantages will manifest themselves in terms of increased productivity, reduced training, instant response to sales enquiries, instant production of quotations and spec. sheets, to name but a few.

When sent out to customers these systems offer many benefits over the paper counterpart. As well as the obvious cost savings in the production and distribution of CD-ROMs, you will be providing your customers with a quick and easy tool enabling them to select and order the ideal product or service for their needs.

The Process

The possibilities are limitless. All you have to do is contact us, and we will do the rest. It really is that simple. We would be delighted to visit you and show you how our technology can help your sales and marketing process. Please contact us so that we may unlock the potential of your products and services today.

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