Office Management System

Database Management System

This Office Management System is an online database management system (DBMS) designed specially for Regency Offices Ltd, a serviced office provider, in order to centralise, standardise and organise critical business information from multiple office locations. Further benefits include more efficient communications, business analysis and greater levels of customer service.

The system also incorporates Content Management System (CMS) functionality for maintaining office information and availability displayed on the publicly available sections of the website.

Contact Management

A comprehensive centralised contact manager seamlessly handles serviced office tenant details, internal company contact details, and external generic contact information.

Bespoke negotiated service rates for current office tenants can be accommodated via the contact manager’s Service Price Editor. This user friendly software provides sophisticated and extremely flexible functionality that provides not only flat rate pricing for individual services provided, but additionally editable bulk discount and tiered rate price structures – extremely useful for high service usage customers. This is also used to provide specific quantities of free inclusive services.

Office Management

A complete Office Editing facility for maintaining data associated with each serviced office, with automatic image resizing on upload, provides this serviced office provider the means to keep the public facing office availability area of the website constantly up-to-date. Furthermore, automatic calculations provide business management figures for current and attainable rent for selectable locations, offices, date ranges etc.

Tenure Managament

Serviced office tenure data is edited via the Tenure Management area which facilitates the maintenance of serviced office and virtual office tenancies.

This functionality tracks the rent, deposits, rental review dates, rolling contracts, notice periods and other critical tenure information. Tenures coming up for renewal can be listed at the click of a button which simplifies the rental renewal process considerable.

This flexible system allows tenures in multiple offices for the same company and multiple companies to share the same office, but does however provide validated user friendly feedback when such information is entered to ensure data is not entered in error.

The total rent achieved for serviced offices and virtual offices is provided for selectable search criteria, for example date range, office complex, town/city, and a facility to export the data to Excel is provided.

Service Management

Constantly used, the Service Management area keeps track of all the inclusive and additional services supplied to each serviced office and virtual office tenant, and this information for a specified month is attached to invoices for completeness.

Data is rapidly entered via the simple user interface, whilst total prices are instantly calculated and displayed for the quantity of the selected service supplied based upon the either the default service price or the specific negotiated prices pertaining to the selected tenant. The calculations automatically use either the flat rate, bulk discount or tiered rate prices specified for the service. Furthermore, the bulk discount and tiered rates can apply on a per transaction or per month basis, thus providing a truly flexible pricing system.


The Service Management area also includes the logging of messages from the central reception to the tenants via landline, mobile, email, text or manual note. The system automatically handles the inclusive monthly allowance of free messages and charges the correct amount for additional messages.

Messages can be emailed directly from the system at the click of a button to any contact within the company at the click of a button which vastly simplifies this entire process.

User Management

This management system provides administrative access for User Management. System users can be assigned to any of three privilege levels, each of which grants access to specific functionality within the main system.


This is a very flexible and powerful system which centralises most of the company information, yet is simple to use and requires minimum training.

Similar Applications

This functionality can be applied to property rental, holiday rental, and even product rental and is a good example of the bespoke solutions we provide to small and medium size business.

Please give us a call to chat through your software requirements and we’ll be happy to provide you with a no obligations free quotation for your system.



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