1pm plc CRM System

Customer Relationship Management System

This financial Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) has been designed specifically for 1pm plc in order to provide cost-effective streamlined accurate business processes delivering high quality customer communications.

The system incorporates business process and financial policy and hence Business Management System (BMS) functionality. Additionally, detailed reporting and automated assimilation of critical data provide Management Information System (MIS) features. These components combine to provide a powerful complete system for this progressive financial services company.

A Flexible Solution

This public company provides business finance. All data required for complete financial decision making together with lifetime tracking through to the end of the deal, early settlement or arrears handling are entered into this CRM System via the intuitive interface. The design provides total flexibility for data acquisition via telephone interviews yet enforces strict policy before potential deals can be carried forward to the underwriting stages.


The primary data interfaces facilitate multi-user, multi-functional accessibility whereby relevant information to specific job classes is easily displayed thus streamlining the workflow through the business.

Audit Trail

Data is automatically checked through a detailed set of stages, each subdivided and further categorised such that it is immediately apparent exactly which actions are required next and by whom. Each step along the entire process is signed off and comments attached if necessary therefore providing a complete audit trail.


The procedures automatically adjust depending upon data input such as equipment financed, deal size, credit search results, payment methods etc. Crucial information may change through the deal building process, hence the system has been designed with total flexibility and therefore allows updates to core data resulting in automatic reconfiguration of necessary tasks in order to further the deal process.


At key stages through the process, preconfigured and automatically completed emails are sent to specific addresses as a call to action. Additionally deals can be assigned to specific users and passed between users at certain stages. Users can easily identify all deals currently assigned to them hence further streamlining the workflow.


Historic data is automatically checked for the deal customer including checking similar names and company names etc. Total capital outstanding and exposure, including any currently running finance, are automatically calculated in order to aid the underwriting process. Rental calculations are produced for the selected funding basis and can be based upon capital requirement or affordability. Key information is summarised and collated to ensure nothing is missed in the underwriting process. Additional information can be requested from customers to substantiate claims and resulting tasks such as checking incoming documents are automatically added to the workflow.

Document Production

The CRM System produces and backs up pre-completed Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF output of quotations, offers, guarantee letters, agreements, direct debit mandates to name but a few.


Detailed and highly configurable reports can be obtained at the click of a button. These include Sales Reports detailing deal stage information and Arrears Reports both of which provided valuable insight for strategic management decision making.

Data Import

Ongoing data is automatically imported on a daily basis from financial software in order to track running deal progress and to highlight any arrears. The arrears process automatically produces the regulatory required documents at regulation intervals.

Data Export

A highly configurable data export feature provides the functionality for mail merging bespoke letters to external software such as Word or Outlook providing well targeted marketing potential.

Website Content Management

The CRM System also contains password protected website content management features allowing the website home page News section to be easily updated in seconds.

Website Data Streaming

Additionally the website provides deal tracking and automatically completed Secured PDF document production functionality for brokers and customers via secure login. The data is provided via a continuous live feed from the CRM System onto the live server. The data synchronisation is checked daily to ensure all information is present and correct.

Need a System?

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